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Warranty & Guarantee




SHARK watches are high-precision, high-technology Manufactured products. Before leaving the workshops for delivery, your watch has been inspected, checked and tested.
If your watch proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge by us.
  1. The watch was purchased directly from The Shark Watch Co, website
  2. Your watch has not been mishandled, abused or damaged by you in anyway.
  3. Your watch has been worn under any conditions that are recommended by SHARK
  4. The original warranty certificate supplied and stamped by us is the only valid proof of purchase, please provide a photocopy of this when returning any product for warranty claim. Along with the R.A.N.


  • External wear-and-tear from normal daily, use.
  • Defects caused by outside force or improper use. Such incidental damages which occur by dropping, hitting or banging the timepiece.
  • Outside modifications and third party repair attempts will void the warranty.
  • Any damage if used under conditions which exceed the watch manufacturer’s water resistance guidelines. Water damage is not covered by warranty by Shark nor any other manufacturer in general.


Our warranty does not cover "external damage" to the product. The Shark Watch Co does not warrant or service watches with any damages resulting from wear to the watch casing, the glass, watch bezel, bracelet & straps, crown/stems, clasps & buckles, or any other physical damages to the watch.

Warranty does not cover the replacement of watch batteries. Damage that occurs due to having the watch serviced by a third party voids the warranty from us.

Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty or any implied warranties.


Watches are only resistant to water under certain specific conditions. No wristwatch is truly waterproof. Water damage is not covered under any circumstance.  We recommend you do not swim or shower with any watch other than a divers watch even if it is "water resistant".

 This limited warranty does not cover any damage if there is evidence of usage under conditions which exceed the watch manufacturer’s water resistance guidelines. If you use your watch within the water resistance limits specific by the manufacturer, you should get many good years of dependable service from it. 

To avoid damage to a diving watch, always be certain that the crown and case are screwed down before submerging the watch in water. In addition, to prevent corrosion of sensitive watch materials, always clean the watch with freshwater after submerging in saltwater. 

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